The Viaskin peanut patch by DBV Technologies

DBV Technologies is at the forefront of efforts to develop a safe epicutaneous allergy treatment for a number of our most common allergies. One of the most notorious allergies of modern times has to be peanut allergy, which regularly hospitalizes individuals across the world. Sometimes it can even provoke anaphylaxis (a severe allergic reaction), which can, in the very worst cases, result in death.

The Viaskin peanut allergy treatment uses a small adhesive patch


Going by the name of Viaskin, DBV Technologies’ patch solution is an attempt to both diagnose and treat peanut, hen’s egg and cow’s milk allergies. The diagram below will give you an idea of how it works. Basically composed of an adhesive patch, a very small quantity of dry, powdered allergen and a titanium backing, this approach holds out great promise for use with children as it’s painless to apply. The allergen is introduced into the patient’s body by a process of solubilisation of the allergen (thanks to body perspiration) and absorption through the upper epidermis. From here it is able to enter the Langerhans cells, which are ideal for the purposes of desensitization, as they are extremely tolerogenic.