On the look-out for fantastic floral fashions.

Do you sometimes despair of finding styles that really flatter you? If so, Modatoi’s women’s shoes, boots and dresses are here to help. Its site (www.modatoi.co.uk) is a treasure chest of stylish shoes and fantastic dresses and other outfits. Frocks with flowery designs win the approval of most and the reason why is easy to see.There’s a distinct air of the unaffectedly stylish about flower-strewn fabric. The seafaring theme is also on the crest of the fashion wave with its classic horizontally-striped design . Other geometrical patterns blend to create attention-grabbing looks. Every bit as daring is the spectrum of colours and the combinations they create. Tangerine teams up with black and grey. Finally, lace is making a bit of a splash again, creating delicate detailing around necklines and the arms that make for a really feminine look.
From lace to imitation leather, half boots appeal to our sense of fun, perhaps more so than their full-length equivalents. All is calculated to contribute to maximizing the fun value of this kind of footwear. Perhaps that didn’t need to be said when you come across pink imitation snakeskin designs. Ladies’ shoes may play a bit safer in terms of design extras, but the gloves are off with regards to colour. Enjoy a medley of cheerful oranges, scarlets and purples that will brighten up any day.