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The Viaskin peanut patch by DBV Technologies

The Viaskin peanut allergy treatment uses a small adhesive patch
DBV Technologies is at the forefront of efforts to develop a safe epicutaneous allergy treatment for a number of our most common allergies. One of the most [...]

Transportieren Sie Ihr Smartphone oder Tablet sicher und bequem

Lederetui Xperia T2 Ultra
Mobiltelefone, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops im Mini-Format… unsere Hightech-Geräte, die uns mit der Welt verbinden, begleiten uns auf Schritt und Tritt und [...]

Is it the end of the line for allergies thanks to the DBV-Technologies Viaskin patch?

Huge strides are being made in the field of epicutaneous immunotherapy. Click here if you'd like to discover more about the Paris firm that's leading the [...]

Is it the end of the line for allergies thanks to the DBV-Technologies Viaskin patch?

You may not have heard of epicutaneous immunotherapy before, but this technique is likely to become much better known soon through the research work performed [...]

Taillardat luxury furniture – 18th century style created by 21st century skill.

The 18th century is renowned amongst furniture fans for its opulent French designs, many of them named after the reigning monarchs of the time. Taillardat [...] propone una gran selección de masturbadores Fleshlight

¿Le gustaría comprarse un masturbador Fleshlight que le procurará sensaciones fuertes? Pues visite la web de sextoymio [...]

Una manutenzione specifica per ogni tipo di pelletteria

La pelle è un materiale molto resistente ma presenta anche dei punti deboli. Per esempio è preferibile non esporre un portafogli in pelle al sole o [...]

Making the practical personal, with leather from Lucrin

There can be few more prestigious names in the world of leather than that of Lucrin. This Swiss manufacturer has a reputation for quality and value for money [...]

Spoil yourself with something special from Lucrin leather.

Luxury leather goods are a simply wonderful way of adding a touch of class to our homes and offices - or when we're on the move, for business or pleasure. It's [...]

Piezas de marroquinería únicas, satisfacción garantizada

Desde su creación Lucrin, especialista de la marroquinería en línea, se ha dado a concocer por la calidad de sus productos y se ha convertido de este modo [...]