Modatoi’s more than a match for anything winter has in store!

Hate winter, love winter clothes? Then maybe it’s worth your while finding out more about Modatoi. It’s only natural that when the weather starts closing in, we want to be sure we’re properly shod. It’s just as well that boots for today’s woman are one of the things we do best. There are high heels, towering platforms and some more sensible options in between to try out. There are some things you can’t do without in any given season, this year, when it comes to boots, that thing is buckles. Too much of a good thing doesn’t seem to apply in this case, with up to 8 buckles being crammed onto the latest boots. On top of the buckles, there’s something of a western movie set feel about some designs this year – perhaps it’s the fake snakeskin that does it.
You’ve jumped into Modatoi feet first, but you’ll find they’ve actually got lots more to offer than just shoes and boots. Consider Modatoi’s wonderfully feminine dresses for example. That old favourite, the sweater dress is making a come-back in typical autumn/winter shades of grey, teal and biscuit. As for colours, black is key again in the shape of the ‘little black dress’, but also as a contrast to brighter colours.